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Desierto Tatacoa


Warm exotic landscape of red soil and gray, blue hue fertile mountains dominate the skyline. Blues usually cloudless sky stained orange in sunrises and sunsets, recalling the origin of the word Huila.

Species that lived millions of years ago in this region, today amazed at the Paleontological Museum by moving to his time.

Night in "La Tatacoa" most likely allow a meaningful approach to the stars who incite fantasies in our humanity and hold great mysteries of the universe, that in the future our species wants to discover.

Excursion to Desert Tatacoa from Neiva

"Exclusive tourism"


Distance Neiva - Villavieja: about 45 minutes (37 km)

Distance Villavieja - Desert Tatacoa: approximately 10 minutes (6 Km)


It includes: 

  • Exclusive transport round trip from Neiva.

  • Historical and cultural landscape interpretation during the tour.

  • Town of Villavieja, Principal Doctrinera Park and Chapel of Santa Barbara (Cultural heritage of the nation of colonial times).

  • Visit to the Paleontological Museum villavieja.

  • Route area the labyrinths of Cardon and Cuzco.

  • Visit to the Astronomical Observatory of La Tatacoa.

  • Hydration (1 bottle of water or soda per person).

  • Travel insurance.

  • Tour Duration: 5 to 6 hours, to perform in the morning or evening hours (by arrangement).

Additional options:

  • Talk astronomy (by prior arrangement) regular hours: 6:30 pm to 8:00 pm or 9:00

  • Pool in the Desert: * Posada Tourist Nights Saturn near the Astronomical Observatory. *  Posada Tourist The Hoyos , approximately 25 minutes Astronomical Observatory or Cusco.

  • Food (by arrangement): Breakfast $ 8,000 =, lunch or dinner: from $ 10,000 = hereinafter. The regional dish is the Braised Chivo.

General recommendations:

  • Wear comfortable clothes and shoes for walking, we recommend using a cap or the like.

  • Do not forget to apply sunscreen and insect repellent blocker.

  • Take into account the suggestions given by your tour operator to accompany you.

  • Respected (a) traveler (a), it is important to clarify the DISPOSITION walking, fate presents exotic landscapes that invite walking, according to their physical conditions suggest a viable route.

  • During the talk astronomy Follow the Astronomer, so will live a pleasant experienca (no lights turn affecting observing the stars and make as quiet as possible).

  • Please do not collect plant samples or animals, avoid leaving garbage. 

  • If you take any medications, do not forget to take it and consume it promptly.

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